This group comprises our members, who pay a monthly fee to use our space. They have a key that gives them 24-hour, unchaperoned access to the space. All members (and key-holding volunteers) are background checked.


This is comprised of our board and finance team. Governance’s main goal is strategy, oversight, policy, etc., and tends to meet 1-2 times monthly. Board Directors are elected annually and may hold specific offices (President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer). The lead of the Finance Team is always the Treasurer, per our bylaws.

Board of Directors

Finance Team


This is where our day-to-day stuff is handled. This includes events, marketing, facilities, member coordination, and fundraising. Each facet of our operations is divided into teams with specific roles for volunteers to fill.

Events Team

Fundraising Team

Membership Team

Facilities Team

Marketing Team


This group supports the others and includes IT, community, and volunteer coordination. Generally these roles are more involved and require a stronger understanding of our organization, operations, and ethos.

Community Team

Volunteering Team

IT Team

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